Imprint for Konzertmeister

Company name:
KM Konzertmeister GmbH
Legal form:
Limited liability company
Business purpose:
  1. the development and operation of a cultural organisation platform
  2. the provision of business-related services, consultancy services and services, in particular in the arts, creative and cultural sectors
  3. research in the arts, creative and cultural sectors
  4. development of software of all kinds
  5. the trade in software and goods of all kinds
VAT number:
Company register number:
FN 540142 b
Commercial register court:
Regional Court Krems an der Donau
Company headquarters:
3743 Röschitz
Gartengasse 16
3743 Röschitz
Contact details:
Memberships with the organisation of the Economic Chamber:
Member of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (WKÖ)
Applicable legislation and access to it:
Professional law: -
Trade regulations:
Supervisory authority / trade authority:
District Authority Krems an der Donau
Information on online dispute resolution:
Consumers have the possibility to submit complaints to the EU's online dispute resolution platform:
You can also send any complaints to the e-mail address given above.
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